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InVivoGo! QVE : Negative Control for Caspase Inhibitor (PDF)

Product Number Amount/Size Price
#A0007 500ul $540
#A0007 1000ul $1,080
#A0007 1500ul $1,620


From the Discoverer's of Q-VD-OPh1 and Q-VE-OPh2: Q-VD-OPh [Q-Val-Asp-OPh] is a next generation pan-caspase inhibitor.1,2 InVivo Go! QVE is a nontoxic, highly cell permeable, crosses the blood-brain barrier, and is the appropriate negative control for the caspase inhibitor QVD.


InVivoGo! QVE is specifically formulated for in vivo studies1-5. Q-VE-OPh is provided at a concentration of 10mg/ml. Use 50ul/25g animal for a final dosage of 20mg/kg.

Stability and Storage Conditions:

Each lot is individually certified for Quality Control. Stable for 1 year. Store at 40C


1. Caserta TM, 2003. Apoptosis 8:345-352
2. Van Noorden CJ, 2001 Acta Histochem. 103:241-51
3. Renolleau S, 2007 J. Neurochem. 100:1062-71
4. Psotka MA, 2009 Infect. Immun. 77:959-969
5. Southerland B, 2010 J. Cell Death 3:33-40

For research purposes only. Not for use in humans.

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