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MaXiM-Purple Pipettors (PDF)


Convenient, reliable, accurate, and affordable! Maxim pipettes from Apoptrol are used and trusted in scientific research laboratories throughout the world. All Maxim Pipettors come with a full 1-year warranty and an amazing 3 years of free calibration service from the date of purchase (just pay shipping).

MaXiM Puprle Pipettors

Special Value: Any Set of 3 - $447
Get the MaXiM difference: Compare with leading pipettors selling at more that $270...each

Special Features

Novel hand grip shape reduces grip strength.
Fits naturally in your left or right hand.
Newly designed non-metal Tip-Ejector Button
Thumbwheel Friction Ring (Fine Volume Adjustment)
Volume Meter with Numbered Dial for direct reading
Tight seal ensures quality of reading
Lightweight frame, durable body, and excellent handling
Fits most major manufacturer’s tips.

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For research purposes only. Not for use in humans.

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