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PARP Apoptosis Extract(PDF)

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#S0001 10 Western Blots $90/set


Total cell lysates collected from Jurkat cells treated with vehicle (-) or actinomycin D (AD) and lysed in CHAPS Cell extract buffer (B0001). The treatment activates the apoptotic cascade and this induces proteolytic/substrate cleavage of PARP (89kDa). The treatments serve as molecular weight controls for Western blot analysis.


Provided as a lyophilized sample. Resuspend each of the (+) and (-) PARP control extracts in 100ul of 1X Laemmli Reducing Sample Buffer. Distribute and label each of the (+) and (-) samples into 10ul aliquots and store at -20C.


10ul/well Western Blot; Load 10ul of positive and 10ul of negative control and lysates per lane. To use: heat a 10ul of positive and 10ul of negative aliquot at 95C for 3 minutes and load on a Std SDS-PAGE gel.


PARP Apoptosis Extract PARP (poly ADP-ribose polymerase) is an important regulator of DNA damage. PARP is inactivated by cleaving the 116 kDa protein into an 89 kDA (1, 2). PARP is a direct target of caspases 3 and 7.


1. Caserta TM, Smith AN, Gultice AD, Reedy MA, and Brown TL. 2003. Q-VD-OPh, a broad spectrum caspase inhibitor with potent antiapoptotic properties. Apoptosis 8: 345-352
2. Soldani C and Scovassi AI. 2002 Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 cleavage during apoptosis: an update. Apoptosis 7:321-8.
3. Southerland B, Kulkarni-Datar K, Keoni C, Bricker R, Grunwald WC, Ketcha DM, Hern E, Cool DR and Brown TL. Q-VE-OPh, a negative control for O-phenoxy-conjugated caspase inhibitors. 2010 Journal of Cell Death 3:33-40

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For research purposes only. Not for use in humans.

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